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 Become the talk of the town with this astonishing Marropino morganite pendant necklace. Brilliant from every angle, the jewel is all you need for a dazzling appeal on any occasion.

·PRODUCT DETAILS: Featuring a large 9x6mm pear shape Marropino morganite, the jewel is furnished in stamped 925 sterling silver with vermeil rose gold finish. 1.2-1.5mm zircons rounds accentuate the sparkling beauty of the piece. Available with 20 inch matinee chain.

·DESIGN DETAILS: Nuances of feather fronds are perfected in this design. Natural zircon swirls resemble the barbs of the feathers. Feathers symbolize ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane. With precise placement of gemstones and smooth back gallery, the pendant is comfortable to wear.

·GEMSTONE DETAILS: Marropino morganite is a member of the beryl gemstone family and shines in pale pink to rosy tones. Morganite reveals an amazing radiance and subtle hue varying from a cool lavender-pink to a warm peach. In raw form, this gemstone displays a pale salmon. Heat is applied to bring out cooler pink tones. Occasionally, morganite can be found in darker tones, similar to pink sapphire. Morganite ranks 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. The gemstone is named after New York banker and philanthropist, JP Morgan.

·DISCLAIMER: Natural properties of mined gemstones offer a slight difference in color saturation, hue, and tone. Gemstone images may not always capture these slight differences.

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Product Weight (grams)
Gemstone Count
Total Stone Weight (Carat)
Gemstone 1
Marropino Morganite Pear 9x6 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 1
Gemstone Weight 1
Gemstone 2
Zircon Round 1.5 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 2
Gemstone Weight 2
Gemstone 3
Zircon Round 1.4 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 3
Gemstone Weight 3
Gemstone 4
Zircon Round 1.2 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 4
Gemstone Weight 4
Gemstone 5
Zircon Round 1.3 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 5
Gemstone Weight 5
Primary Stone
Marropino Morganite
925S White Silver