Unmatched and stylish, African Amethyst Jewelry the epitome of elegance and glamor.

    Shop LC offers a wide assortment of jewelry decorated with the magical purple hues of African amethyst. The beautiful designs from our Bali Legacy Collection, Hidden Treasures Collection, KARIS Collection and more, paired with the exclusive designs of Giuseppe Perez, Stefy, and others are the essence of this jewelry assortment. 

    For any jewelry need, a piece of amethyst is perfect. This purple gem looks gorgeous against brilliant gold or precious nickel-free sterling silver, alone or complemented by other gemstones. From a solitaire to a cluster to cocktail rings, this dazzling stone is perfect for wear anytime. Bask in the glowing beauty of amethyst with unique and elegant African amethyst earrings. Adorn your ears with the enticing hue of this classy gem. Matching every fashion taste this gem's versatility makes it a must-have or any wardrobe.

    Locate plenty of designer neckwear pieces that make great gifts and look pleasing with casual ensembles. The bright hue of this stone is apt to match with that little black dress from your wardrobe. The numerous African amethyst pendant and necklace styles offer a comprehensive platform to make a perfect choice. The bright and vivid color of this gem makes a beautiful option for jewelry. Wear it day or night; it will add a touch of glamor to your personality. Stack African amethyst bracelets or go with a single signature jewelry piece that lends attention to this beautiful stone.

    Start perusing the vast collection of African amethyst jewelry available at Shop LC.

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