Annaka was born and raised in Austin, before the population of Austin ever neared a 1 million people +. She Graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations, minor in media studies and an associate degree in radio television and film!

She is an entertainment and lifestyle junkie who is completely obsessed with fashion and tries to post her favorite clothing styles, covering all price ranges, on her social media accounts so that you too can “get the look.”

In her 5+ years on-air, Annaka has covered everything from red carpet events, interviewing well known celebrities, to festival events like SXSW, ACL, Patriotic Festival + more! She has even been known to get a little crazy on the dance floor- since in a past life Annaka was a former STARS ice-girl.

Annaka joined Shop LC in 03/2018 and has been here ever since. She received her AJP certification from GIA in 2018.

Fact: Cookies & Cream ice cream is her weakness, and so is shopping online!