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Est. Ret. Val:$3,729.99| Est. Savings:79%

This stunning bangle bracelet is designed with a little bit of everything in 10K gold. Taking a traditional bangle bracelet to a whole new level. Versatile and universally elegant. The latch design is easy to use and keeps your bangle securely fastened on your wrist. Get your gold on!

• Secure latch clasp
• 7.25 inch
• 10K white and yellow gold
• 12.58 grams
• Diamond cut

Aurumvita, aka gold life, represents trendy jewelry treasures you can rely on. Exquisite golden designs, made of fine 10 karat white, yellow and rose gold When you want to be picky, but not pay a fortune for gold, go for Aurumvita.


10K White and Yellow Gold
Total Weight (grams)
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