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• This artistic ring from the Bali Legacy Collection is designed on underwater creature theme. The bypass style ring displays turtles and octopus tentacles effortlessly crafted on each end. Amazing texture and details are manually etched with traditional tools. Perfect granulation and scroll work accentuate the appeal of the piece.
• Made in genuine 925 sterling silver, the ring displays excellent craftsmanship of Balinese artists. The elongated ring comes with extreme finish. This amazing fashion jewelry is an ideal birthday gift or graduation day gift for women.
• Underwater creatures are associated with protection and good luck. The theme symbolizes their strength and mystic properties.
• Bypass ring stands for uniting two souls. It is the symbol of togetherness and forever companionship.
• Silver jewelry is popular among fashion lovers since ancient times. The purity and subtle elegance of silver is unmatched.

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