What is the birthstone for August?

    The month of August is assigned with two birthstones, giving those born in August a beautiful choice! You can select between peridot and spinel.

    Peridot is known for balancing and stimulating energy and is a stone of lovers, while the spinel is considered lucky to its wearer. These meaningful stones are obtainable in a range of fascinating colors.

    On the hunt for the perfect birthday gift? What makes a more genuine and memorable gift than a birthstone? If you or a loved one celebrates their birthday in August, a stunning piece of August birthstone ring, earrings, pendant or bracelet embedded with peridot or spinel is a remarkable selection.

    Peridot Birthstone Jewelry Meaning

    Known for its captivating olive green hue, peridot is a crystal of the mineral olivine and available in an array of colors from pure green to yellow-green. As a modern birthstone, peridot is believed to offer its wearer good luck, success, health, protection, and better sleep. If you are in search of peridot jewelry for your loved one, go for a gold or silver bracelet or a pair of earrings laced with a cluster of peridot for an art deco feel.

    Spinel Birthstone Jewelry

    Spinel is a gemstone whose durability makes it the perfect choice for daily wear. Available in a range of attractive colors from red, pink, cobalt-blue, orange, bluish purple to purple, black and lavender, spinel has unique hues that make it an extraordinary gemstone.

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