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    No matter the occasion, let the women in your life know how much they matter with a special birthstone set in a beautiful piece of jewelry. If your beloved celebrates her birthday in the seventh month of the year, then giving her July birthstone jewelry is a sure way to create a lasting memory. But her birthday isn’t the only time of year to give her ruby jewelry – it’s a great Mother’s Day, holiday or anytime “just because” gift to let her know how important she is. Or, if you are a mom or grandma, wearing your child or grandchild’s birthstone in your own jewelry will make you feel even closer to your little one.

    What is the July birthstone and what does it mean?

    Ruby represents July as its birthstone. This crimson hued stone is the modern birthstone for the month.

    Known as the “King of the Gemstones,” ruby is a valued member of corundum family. The rare combination of joyful color and resonate luster makes it a classic choice for jewelry lovers. Promising health, wealth, and success in life, the romantic red hue of ruby awakens the wearer's senses and heightens passions.

    The sister gemstone of sapphire, this July birthstone makes an excellent selection for any style of jewelry as it ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, just behind diamonds. Ruby is robust enough to last for generations as an heirloom piece while also being your daily companion.

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