Why did the tennis bracelet get its name?

    Tennis bracelets earned their name in 1987 at the U.S. Open. Chris Evert, a world-famous tennis champion, was playing a long back-and-forth rally during the match when the clasp on her diamond bracelet suddenly snapped. She made the officials halt the game and refused to continue playing until her bracelet was recovered. This incident caused a lot of people to inquire about “tennis bracelets” at jewelry stores, and sparkled their popularity worldwide. Many tennis players and other celebrities still wear this simple, delicate bracelet style today.

    Classy and versatile, tennis bracelets are a must-have in every jewelry collection!

    Bracelets are a playful, unique way to celebrate individualism. Whether you want to embellish your look with a fashion bracelet, a designer bangle or even a boho-inspired beaded bracelet, discovering the right adornment for your wrist is a simple at Shop LC.

    If it's an everlasting look you're after, you can't go wrong with a diamond tennis bracelet that offers an elegant sparkle without looking overstated. If you want wrist candy that's more on the refined side, go for a gold or silver tennis bracelet that has soft-colored gemstones instead. Tantalizing gems such as fire opal and ruby are also an excellent way to sprinkle glamor and class seamlessly into your look.

    A tennis bracelet is a great way to express yourself. With every color of the rainbow from emerald to topaz, tennis bracelets also make for great gifts or bridal jewelry pieces. If you’re an avid tennis player, don’t be afraid to embellish your typical short and tank outfit with a bracelet and other fun jewelry pieces like earrings that can be worn during play without affecting your game. And while the name might imply otherwise, tennis bracelets aren’t limited to the court – in fact, they can worn just about anywhere. With exclusive wrist jewelry exuding colorful flair, you can choose the most personalized piece for you or a friend.

    Fashion bracelets offer versatility with a unique vibe for a cheap price. Their flexible demeanor makes them a staple accessory to mix and match with other pieces in your jewelry wardrobe like necklaces, earrings and hair accessories like headbands. No outfit is complete without one of these fun add-ons.

    When you need a broad range of women's tennis bracelets to choose from, Shop LC is your go-to source.

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