What is Opal?

    The name opal traces its roots from the Greek's "opallios" meaning to see a change of color. Opal is a hydrophane form of silica. The development of this gemstone started millions of years ago when a mixture of silica and water flowed into cracks and holes in the ground. Over time it hardened and solidified to turn into opal.

    What is Play-of-Color?

    Australian white opal exhibits hypnotizing rainbow of colourful specks carried within its pale white body known as play-of-color.

    Occasions to Wear or Gift White opal jewelry:

    Birthdays: Opal is the modern birthstone for the month of October. A pair of white opal earrings or a sweet little pendant goes a long way in demonstrating your thoughtfulness.

    Anniversaries: Nothing impresses better than statement making white opal bracelets or necklaces molded in gold or silver on occasions like anniversaries. Opal is considered to be the gemstone for 14th wedding anniversary.

    Proposals: Ready to ask her to be your ‘forever and always'? A designer white opal engagement ring set in complementary tones of rose gold or silver may do the trick for you!

    If you have decided to be the love of your own life, you can pick from a wide array of white opal rings for women or pamper yourself lavishly with breathtaking white opal jewelry sets. White opal jewelry makes for astounding daytime accessories that never fail to impress. With jewelry sets you can wear each piece individually, coordinate them with your favorite scarves or flaunt the whole set with tones like navy blue for a more prominent appeal.

    Care for Opal Jewelry:

    Being hydrophanes, opals soak up water like sponges. To be on the safe side, avoid soaking your opal jewelry. Clean your opals as you would pearl. These delicate gems require a gentle touch to preserve your enjoyment.

    So what are you waiting for? With Shop LC's Lowest Price Guarantees indulge yourself or your loved ones with the ethereal beauty of Australian white opal and make these rainbow-like gems a part of your collection.