Our guide to collectible alternate birthstones considers the most famous representation for each month. In modern times, some months may enjoy more than one birthstone, but for many, these are the definitive options to consider.

    Our natural and coated topaz gemstones offer fresh takes on these iconic birthstones, perfect for gifting or collecting

    Calico Biddy Topaz
    (Garnet Alternative)

    Emulating the passionate reds of garnet, Calico Biddy Topaz reflects the fiery nature of this gem. Historically, red gems brought vitality and dispelled negative energy from those who wear their hearts on their sleeve.

    Lavender Ice Topaz
    (Amethyst Alternative)

    The sobering and somber hues of purple fond in Lavender Ice Topaz reflect the ancient beliefs around amethyst. It was said to prevent intoxication, and today the tradition continues with purple gems relieving migraines and improving concentration.

    Reckless Guard Topaz
    (Aquamarine Alternative))

    Aquamarine has a long association with the sea, and Reckless Guard Topaz continues this tradition. Capturing the essence of famous gems like Santa Maria aquamarine, this alternative birthstone is a seaworthy successor to the gem’s maritime legacy.

    Natural White Topaz
    (Diamond Alternative)

    Natural white topaz is the ideal heir to diamond when considering alternative birthstones. In fact, topaz was a leading diamond simulant. With this reminder to carry forward, natural white topaz is a stone that helps us begin new projects, or start over after setbacks.

    Emerald Envy Topaz
    (Emerald Alternative)

    It’s easy to see why many admire Emerald Envy Topaz! Gazing into this stone, it provides the same soothing relief to our vision for which emerald gems are famous. The Ancients thought emerald to be a cure for many ailments of the eye.

    Mercury Mystic Topaz
    (Rainbow Moonstone Alternative)

    One of the most popular varieties of mystic topaz, Mercury Mystic Topaz perfectly captures the kaleidoscope of color found in rainbow moonstone. A feminine gem, we associate moonstone with relieving menstrual pain, promoting fertility, and balancing her cycle.

    Mountain Dynasty Topaz
    (Ruby Alternative)

    Sanskrit defined ruby as ‘ratnaraj,’ the “King of Gems.” Mountain Dynasty Topaz lives up to this legacy, showcasing a color comparable to the best ruby we’ve seen. In legend, these red gems promote romantic passions and stimulate the circulatory systems of the body.

    Vivid Posey Topaz
    (Peridot Alternative)

    Vivid Posey Topaz perfectly reflects the cheerful green hues of our favorite peridot. Bright greens evoke nature, and stones of this color were historically believed to promote inner harmony by helping us confront our faults.

    Blue Passion Topaz
    (Sapphire Alternative)

    Reflecting the depth of the open skies above us, it’s simple to understand how Blue Passion Topaz translates the divine nature of sapphire into an alternative form. For centuries, sapphire was considered a stone of heaven, intellect, and willpower.

    Northern Lights Mystic Topaz
    (Opal Alternative)

    Opals are a stone of mystery, exemplified by the shifting hues of Northern Lights Mystic Topaz. Many ancient cultures valued opal as a stone of wonder, for its play-of-color represented every rock and every property we associate with colored gemstones.

    Moon Shadow Topaz
    (Citrine Alternative)

    Moon Shadow Topaz mirrors the happy and sunny hues of natural citrine. Yellow gems are considered to be ideal for improving concentration, battling stress and depression, or improving the body’s metabolic process.

    Paraiba Topaz
    (Blue Zircon Alternative)

    The gentle blues of Paraiba topaz offer a fascinating take on classic blue zircon. This alternative birthstone matches the freeing nature of zircon gems, reputed to alleviate pain and promote general wellness and health.

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