Evolution of Bracelets

    Bracelets have played an important role in highlighting the beauty of hands and wrists for a long time now. The exact origin of this accessory is often a topic of debate. The earliest samples can be considered those worn by Ancient Egyptians dating somewhere around 5000 BCE. They crafted their bracelets from materials like bone, stone and wood to serve various religious and spiritual interests.

    The US saw an increase in bracelets around the 20th century due to the rise of mass production, increasing their affordability. From the clean lines of the Art Deco era, these lovely accessories changed to more of bakelite and plastics in the 30s. In the 50s charm bracelets made of gold-plated brass or sterling silver became the trend for women. By the 70s and until the turn of the century, wide cuffs, slender bangles, beaded strands, and thin chains were in fashion.

    Today bracelets are made of all kinds of materials like metal, resin, beads, and fabric threads in all sorts of stylish or funky designs.

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    How to Style Different Kinds of Bracelets

    This beautiful and eye-catching accessory is typically classified into the following types:

    Charm Bracelets: Often considered the most intimate kind of bracelet, as they carry personal charms, pendants or trinkets which symbolize important things or events in the wearer's life.

    Link Bracelets: Not only do the traditional link and curb chain bracelets for men fall under this category but most types of gemstone bracelets do, too. Studded with birthstones, these bracelets make fabulous gifts.

    Beaded Bracelets: Stretchy beaded bracelets are your easiest-to-wear accessory. Depending on the size of the gemstone beads, these bracelets can be stacked and layered together. Men’s beaded bracelets are a rising trend that pair well with more classic options.

    Cuff Bracelet: These bracelets are made with a slimmer width but are most popular for their broad design. If you are looking for artisan craftsmanship, the Bali Legacy Collection will set you apart from the crowd with an amazing silver cuff bracelet.

    Bangle: Ranging from simple metal designs, gemstone bangles or even bold carved creations. You can get an amazing casual chic look by layering slender metal bangles with charm bracelets!

    Tennis Bracelet: Taking its name from an incident during a 1987 tennis match, the tennis bracelet was previously known as a line bracelet. As the popularity the style evolved, colorful gemstones have joined diamonds in this style.

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