What are dangle earrings?

    Dangle earrings hang down beneath the earlobe and move or sway back and forth easily. These often come with French hook or lever-back mechanism. Available in a variety of lengths, these earrings are a lovely statement piece to add to any outfit.

    The origin of dangle designs is believed to come about in Greece’s Minoan civilization around 3rd – 2nd century BCE. The usual hoop earrings were modified with a pendant-like free-moving design. This style was then carried forward by the Romans.

    What are Chandelier Earrings?

    When multiple layers and lengths are added to dangle earrings, they are called “chandelier.” To accommodate their substantial and slightly heavy-weight look these beauties feature a lot more of push backs.

    The design inspiration of these glamorous accessories often comes from girandole earrings popular in the 18th century. A girandole was essentially an elaborate candlestick fixture that looked like a small chandelier.

    Difference between Dangle and Drop Earrings

    While the terms today are used interchangeably by many, drop earrings are like dangle earrings but typically shorter and with more restricted movement. A short dangle is often called a drop earring.

    How to Style Dangle Earrings?

    Due to their varying lengths, there is a pair of dangle earrings for everyone and for every occasion. It’s important to have versatile pieces in your collection ready to wear at a moment’s notice. You never know when you might get asked on your dream date or take a spontaneous trip that requires a serious fashionista’s wardrobe and accessories.

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    Whether its straight drop or chandelier-style dangle earrings that catch your eye, these contemporary and classy beauties frame your face with sparkle and shine that dazzles whether your hair is worn up, down, long or short. Select from a wide variety of designs in precious metals decked with breathtaking gems to create a stunning look that matches your charming personality.

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