Empress Watch Collection at Shop LC

    Celebrate the everlasting love of mothers and daughters with Empress watches at Shop LC. Each timepiece is uniquely designed and crafted with utmost care, resulting in not just a beautiful watch, but a treasured family gift to be passed down from generation to generation. Independent of a battery source, these timepieces are fully automatic and self-winding by the natural movements of the wrist. Empress watches are truly built to last a lifetime, capturing those special moments spent with our daughters in the tick of each passing second.

    Watches are more than just time-tellers. They steal the spotlight and make a statement by adding the perfect touch to your ensemble. A refined timepiece can effortlessly make an impression at work or an elegant dinner. Empress women’s luxury watches are beautifully designed and engineered with utmost care, just for you.

    Crafted with legendary Empress quality, an Empress automatic timepiece delivers the brilliant performance you expect. Whether at work or any occasion, these impressive watches help you make a bold statement. From rose gold and sterling silver to surgical grade stainless steel, the vast assortment includes heirloom watches in a variety of classic and contemporary designs.

    Like a pendant or necklace, a watch is a beautiful gift to mark an important milestone or just surprise your loved one. No matter which style you choose, you can be sure that these classy watches will make a lasting impression. Ideal for matching formal and casual outfits, be astonished by these elegant timepieces.

    So why are you waiting? Browse through our selection before you buy and find a beautiful timepiece to match your purpose and last a lifetime.