As lustrous and beautiful as its counterpart, diamond, demantoid garnet jewelry illuminates with a gorgeous green hue that will take your breath away. Shop LC presents a fabulous collection of jewelry, including rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces and more. Shine bright and make your statement with this rare gemstone.


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    Shades of greens are all about purity, peace and calmness. These hues are infused with effects that soothe the eyes and calm the mind. Such is the case with demantoid garnet. Demantoid Garnet is a rare variety of Andradite Garnet that is a translucent green and is found to be highly lustrous. It is also called the Star of Garnets because its name means “diamond-like”, alluding to its wonderful brilliance. Demantoid garnet jewelry pieces are here to amaze you and you for sure won’t be able to take your eyes off them. So why wait any longer? Delve into the world of demantoid garnet jewelry and pick your favorite pieces today!

    Demantoid garnet rings for the win

    These gorgeous pieces are all set to make someone’s day super special. Shimmery green gemstone studded in the center with other precious metals is a sight to witness. Rings also make the perfect token of love so if you wish to pop a question of love to someone, try your hands on these elegant rings and start a trend. You never know, you could be a real trend-setter.

    Slay it with demantoid garnet earrings

    Just as beautiful as their name, these garnet earrings are going to set an unforgettable impression on everyone’s mind. If you wish to slay in a classy dress, then get your hands on these pairs of earrings. They are available in such a wide variety that you would be spoilt for choice! Demantoid garnet hoop earrings, demantoid garnet drop earrings, demantoid garnet stud earrings, you name it. Pair these earrings with an off-white dress and voila, say hello to the diva in you.

    Demantoid garnet necklace and demantoid garnet pendants

    Necklaces and pendants are everyone’s favorite. Why? They hold the power to change and take the look of your outfit and bring it to the next level. You could be heading out for a big party, or a special late night date with your special one, or ready with your presentation at the next official meet, these garnet pendants and necklaces won’t disappoint you. Extremely heavy designs to bring in the trend and minimal designs to keep things elegant. The choice is yours!

    Accessorize with demantoid garnet bracelets

    Bracelets are one of the most elegant types of jewelry that a woman knows. Beautiful layers of gemstones wrap around your wrist and create sophisticated appearances. The reason is simple, these beauties define themselves and are a symbol of grace. Demantoid garnet tennis bracelets, or bangle bracelets, make your choice. If you wish to pair it and style it gorgeously with your wrist watch, that sounds just as fashionable.

    Explore your favorite kind of demantoid garnet jewelry designs today and add a bling of green to your jewelry collection!

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