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When it comes to accessorizing with fashion jewelry items, a woman can do without anything but never without a pair of earrings. And while talking about earrings, what really catches a woman’s attention are those stuffed with precious gemstones. If you feel like diamonds, rubies, pearls are all that you can think of then hold up, wait a minute! We’ve got something just as precious and popular. Yes, helenites. That’s why a pair of helenite green earrings is always considered an exquisite affair. We understand and hence our designers have worked very hard to join hands with the jewelry enthusiast in you so you could own these lush green beauties. That’s why Shop LC is here to offer you an eclectic range of finely crafted and highly affordable helenite earrings. If you have a thing for this royal-look jewel, here is a collection to explore!

Helenite bracelet bling!

Just like how every gemstone has a popular design, so does the helenite bracelet. These dazzling helenite tennis bracelets are extremely attractive and are sure to catch everyone’s attention. What is impressive is that each design is so unique that it sets itself apart from the rest. Their sparkle and radiance are what make them so mesmerizing. Our gorgeously designed helenite bracelets are a masterpiece that can add elegance and charm to any outfit in this world. You can match it and then style it with your wristwatch, and you are good to go.

Pick your style of the helenite earrings

Just like fashionable clothing and accessorizing, earrings too can be categorized as traditional designs and modern designs. A pair of helenite earrings can be paired with any outfit be it formal or ethnic. Likewise, if you’re dressed to kill in a little black dress, then our helenite hoop earrings would do more justice to your outfit! helenites pair well with most colors but look absolutely stunning when paired with a black outfit. Want to look nice for a presentation in the office? Put on a pair of helenite stud earrings that look stylish without distracting too much attention from your work. On the other hand, when you want to make your casual party friends feel jealous, put on a pair of danglers!

Helenite pendants are here to stay

There is something special about helenites. It stands strong due to its blazing radiance. The helenite pendant necklaces symbolize grace and sophistication. Designed in over 100 styles, you can pick your kind of helenite pendant necklace which suits your personality. We have heavily studded helenite gemstone in these pendant necklaces and single-chained pendant necklaces with strings of helenite gemstones in a row.

Grab these Helenite necklaces today!

Necklace designs like the helenite green necklaces are ideal when you have to rush straight out of a formal meeting to a cocktail party. Formal parties and weddings demand something a little more ostentatious and statement-worthy necklaces. So, no matter what the occasion might be, there’s always an helenite necklace that’s just right. What makes helenites the delight of wearers and designers is that they always look gorgeous. What’s more? When you set them against the radiant backdrop of white gold, you get showstopper jewelry pieces. We have helenite necklace gold which will add a glitter of gold to your neck! When you fancy something chic and whimsical, nothing beats the charm of rose gold. Explore our popular picks from our helenite necklace gold collection!

Greens like the Helenite rings

A special cocktail night, engagement party, or social gathering is not the same if the tints and shades of deep greens are missing. This regal green shade matches and complements most dressy outfits and is a great contrasting option for these outfits as well. Whether you like to play mix-match or color-code, the mighty green stone is here to stay. Green is the color of envy when your helenite ring makes heads turn at a party. There is not a chance that you would want to miss out on this exquisite collection of rings from our extensive range.

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