Exclusive Jewelry Designs from the Jewel Studio Collection

    Visit SHOP LC’ Jewel Studio and get a glimpse at the latest creations of our designers. This collection features designer fashion jewelry for the women of today. Whatever style jewelry you’re looking for, we are sure that you’ll discover plenty of options from this stunning range.

    Our collection features designs by Prachi and Shweta. While going through this assortment, you’ll get familiar with their inspirations helping them produce such exclusive masterpieces. Whether it’s a bracelet, pair of earrings, ring, bangle, necklace or any other ornament, you can’t resist buying one for you or someone special.

    If you look at the designs by Prachi, you can immediately feel the regal and elegant details infused beautifully. Her designs incorporate the colorful allure of gemstones artistically in the articulated metal frame. From contemporary patterns to the classic play of gemstone color, the designs are perfect for occasional or daily wear. Her designs don’t restrict by age. Enjoy the beauty of this designer gemstone jewelry whenever you want.

    Designer Shweta brings the beauty of nature to her designs. Whether it’ the grace of wild creature or the delicacy of leaves and flowers, these designer pieces capture their essence beautifully. With the excellent use of gemstones, she has beautifully carved out nature’ allure in metal as well. It’ difficult for any woman with a love of unique jewelry to skip this fabulous designer fashion jewelry.

    This collection also offers designer jewelry pieces for men who love to stay in fashion with style. Don’t forget to browse through the entire assortment as the deeper you go, the more you will find.

    SHOP LC’ jewelry designers will amaze you with their creations. So, what’ stopping you? The treasure is here!