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Uncover personalized brilliance in our exotic collection of loose gemstones. Found in every shape and size, these are going to lighten your treasure forever! Explore your exclusive and massive range based on types of gemstones, color, grades, size, shape, and much more.


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    Behold ladies and gentlemen! Take a look at our spectacular collection of precious gemstones. Once you see this collection, you wouldn’t wish to take your eyes off them. Such is the beauty of these loose gemstones. This collection goes beyond the ordinary and entails a huge range of gemstones such as rubies, tanzanites, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, opals, topaz, and so much more. Such is the splendour of these precious and semi-precious gemstones. Alluring and exquisite, gemstones have fascinated people since the ancient times. These treasured accessories attract attention due to their varied colours, shape, and brilliance

    Vibrant hues of loose gemstones

    You will get hooked on these gemstones the moment you see them. Designers at Shop LC have worked very hard to create gorgeous pieces of gemstones in different shapes and designs to match every occasion and every purpose that the wearer has on his mind. The sparkling hues of these gemstones is going to make you swoon over them. The vibrant cherry-red hue of rubies, the deep-blue tones of tanzanites, the ever sparkling effect of diamonds are all set to create lasting impressions on your minds. These loose gemstones are carefully designed to fit any necklace, any rings, or be used as a beautiful pendant.

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    What makes these gemstones so precious is their occurrence, rarity and natural toughness. That is why gem-studded jewelry has been found to have a very high resistance. But these babies also need to be taken good care of. If maintained well, these loose gemstones can last a lifetime so find your favorite gemstone(or gemstones) today and give yourself a treat of sparkling colors at Shop LC. Upgrade your collection of jewelry items by adding a dash of bling to it.

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