What is Mystic Topaz?

    Mystic topaz is a natural colorless topaz that has been coated through physical vapor deposition (PVD) to give it a unique rainbow color effects with greens, blues and purples being quite prominent. It brings out a lustrous luminance, with an extensive color range depending on the light source and the viewing angle!

    Mystic topaz owes its name to the mysterious kaleidoscope of attractive hues. This highly prized and versatile topaz is known for its brilliance and vitreous luster. It can be fashioned into a great variety of shapes, such as round, square, pear, octagon, oval, heart and more.

    Varieties of Mystic Topaz

    Mystic topaz is a new gem type, only entering the market in the last twenty years. With the advancement of technology, mystic topaz now comes in several color varieties. Shop LC offers several varieties of this captivating gemstone.

    • Mercury Mystic Topaz: Exhibits a pleasing rainbow effect over a white stone. Its stunning reflection of colors makes this variety of topaz an incredibly desirable and fashionable stone.

    • Mystic Twilight Topaz: Displays a tantalizing array of warm yellows, passionate pinks, and dusky oranges. These gemstones are finished eye-clean to best exhibit their incredible color range.

    • Northern Lights Mystic Topaz: Displays a striking and iridescent rainbow effect with mesmerizing colors including yellow, blue, green, pink and red. Its flaming kaleidoscope is considered one of the most beautiful new gemstones introduced during the 20th century.

    • Pure Pink Mystic Topaz: Amplify femininity with a dreamy sparkle. This vibrant gemstone is bursting with bright pink tinged with purple.

    • Mystic Neptune Topaz: Displaying delightful shades of blue, this gem makes an exquisite addition to any blue stone jewelry collection.

    Mystic Topaz Gemstone in Jewelry

    Mystic topaz is a contemporary gem and can be fashioned into an infinite variety of jewelry due to its versatility. It is ideal for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants

    Mystic topaz ranks eight on Mohs scale of hardness which makes the gem impressively scratch resistant. However, it has perfect cleavage, which means that the gems structure makes it susceptible to fracture if hit from the right direction.

    Mystic Topaz Jewelry by Shop LC

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