Beautiful Orange Jewelry Collection by Shop LC

    Why do we love orange jewelry?

    Everyone knows that the color orange brightens up a dreary day. Its citrus hues are associated with warmth, happiness, and compassion. Orange gemstones have the confidence of red and liveliness of yellow and are sure to make a distinct remark on your sense of style and personality. We love orange gemstone jewelry for its uplifting and positive effect on the mind and soul.

    What are the orange gemstones?

    Orange gems display the feisty radiance of the sun and vivid charm of the autumn, and a tone that matches the fiery portion of the color spectrum. A variety of orange stones are used in jewelry, and Shop LC has a complete range of these beautiful gems to match your particular tastes. Our exquisite range of orange jewelry includes favorites like:

    Baltic Amber: Popularly known as a "window to the past," this enchanting gem continues to captivate with its magnificence and unique properties since Neolithic times.

    Sri Lankan Sunstone: This beautiful gemstone appears to glow with an internal light source, forming from volcanic lava flows.

    Orange Sapphire: Treasured by gemstone connoisseurs all across the globe, this sparkling gemstone is believed to provide protection, good fortune, and spiritual insight to the wearer.

    Santa Ana Madeira Citrine: This beautiful gemstone displays blazing orange-yellow hues and brings a touch of sunshine to dark winter days.

    Salamanca Fire Opal: Displaying the finest shades, ranging from light to medium orangey-yellow to a yellowish-orange, this beautiful vibrant gemstone is preferred for its vivid body color.

    Jalisco Fire Opal: Venerated for its vibrant and adoring orange sparkle, this gem showcases the glow of volcanic lava streams from which it formed.

    Crimson Fire Opal: A rare gemstone, famous for its intense and vibrant cherry hue. It's also a birthstone of those born in October.

    Occasion to Wear Orange Jewelry

    Orange is taking the fashion industry by storm! It's the perfect festive alternative to traditional jewelry colors, adding a brilliant accent or twinkling spark to any outfit. A beautiful orange gemstone bracelet, necklace, or pendant refreshes a tried and true look.

    Browse and find your favorite piece at Shop LC! Discover our impressive range of orange gemstone jewelry backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee.

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