Delivering Joy with Oregon Peach Opal Jewelry

    Do you admire the beauty of subtle and delicate pastels? Then consider the vast assortment of Oregon peach opal jewelry as you enjoy its cheerful hue.

    The bright and peachy hue of this gem makes it a great addition to any collection. It's a rare variety of opal found only in the United States. Its unique color makes it an all-time favorite when it comes to the jewelry, and its resemblance to its namesake makes it a tantalizing choice.

    The family of opals is understated, but what is a surprise to many is learning that opals occur in an incredible variety of colors. We best know their counterparts that display a play of color that mesmerizes against a black or white backdrop. Oregon peach opal stands out with its soft and mellow hue. Like other opals, it's a delicate jewel. So, take care when wearing your new piece. For more exciting facts, lore, and other info about Oregon peach opal, visit our Education Center.

    Cabochons of the peach opal are fabulous in a setting of brilliant gold or sparkling silver. Best paired with neutrals or other pastels, opal gemstone jewelry will always surprise you with its flexibility in matching. From dazzling rings to phenomenal earrings, a surprising bracelet or outstanding pendant, pair these jewelry pieces with your favorite look and create a unique style statement.

    Shop LC presents a selection of Oregon peach opal jewelry that portrays contemporary yet classic flair. Backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee, take the plunge today!

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