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Est. Ret. Val: $289.99
Est.savings: 83%
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Est. Ret. Val: $249.99
Est.savings: 76%
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Est. Ret. Val: $439.99
Est.savings: 89%
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Est. Ret. Val: $249.99
Est.savings: 84%
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Buy personalized rings online at Shop LC

With the start of 2021 and Valentine’s Day around the corner, the shopping spree has kickstarted everywhere. If there is something such as cozy or personalized while thinking of a gift, then there is no place else that you could be! Welcome to the world of personalized jewelry. A special corner at Shop LC is all about a special something for a special someone. It’s about time we express our love for those we cherish and truly care for! This special edition of personalized jewelry consists of personalized rings, personalized bracelets, and personalized necklaces.

A special touch of love to personalized rings

When it comes to personalized rings, the idea is nothing but to express love in the coziest manner. This collection contains designer rings that are all set to win their heart. Personalized jewelry is thoughtfully designed in order to keep enough room for your heartfelt emotion to be carved out on a piece of jewelry. These lovely personalized rings are the perfect choice for gifting someone who is close to your heart. You can get a name or an initial engraved on engraved rings. You can also get a name carved on these rings and select a design for the name engraved ring. We also have custom engraved rings which are thematic and you can pick your favorite style from this collection of personalized rings.

Personalized rings for the birthdays!

If you wish to gift someone whose birthday is around the corner then don’t forget to explore our section of personalized birthstone rings. These type of personalized rings are the perfect combination of style and functionality. The powerful gemstones induce positivity on the wearer’s life and help in maintaining a well-rounded balance in their emotional and physical health. We have diamond rings, ruby rings, turquoise rings, tanzanite rings and so much more!

Personalized rings for him and her

When we think of jewelry items, there is not much one can do about men’s jewelry and accessories. Our designers went the extra mile and created simple, minimalist designs for personalized rings! We call this section ‘personalized rings for men’. Radiant bands with engraved names, initials or your message for your Mr. Special can be the perfect gift for his special day. Discover this amazing collection and catch your loved one by surprise. These personalized rings are sure to be very special and cozy!

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