Delivering Joy with Rare and Extraordinary Gemstones

    What is the rare and extraordinary gemstone collection?

    The rare and extraordinary gemstone collection from Shop LC presents a bouquet of gorgeous jewelry decorated with gemstones possessing unique features. It's your introduction into the exotic world of exceptional gems.

    Why should I buy rare gems?

    This range of jewelry is as unique as you are, perfect for concerts, shopping, or even just running errands. Browse our selection of natural gemstone jewelry with rings, necklaces, earrings and more, created with unique designs.

    Gemstones possess special distinguishing qualities, ranging from their physical characteristics to their complex ancient histories. For jewelry lovers who wish to be distinct and classy, this collection of exotic, rare gemstones is the perfect addition to your accessory arsenal. Each stone adds rarity to the jewelry it adorns, with its unusual color and phenomenal qualities. Discover these exhilarating and unique gemstones that you'll uncover in our collection:

    Alexandrite: Known for its fantastic red-to-green color change properties and brilliant, diamond-like luster.

    Ammolite: Made from the fossilized shells of prehistoric sea creatures, ammolite displays iridescent colors.

    Andalusite: Loved for its red, green and yellow hues, andalusite was named for the Spanish province in which it was discovered.

    Apatite: The intense colors of this gem is often mistaken for other stones like peridot, tourmaline, and beryl.

    Indicolite: Also known as blue tourmaline, this gem displays a rich indigo color.

    Kynite: The royal blue hue of this gem earns comparison to the most beautiful Ceylon and Kashmir sapphire.

    Rubellite: A variety of tourmaline, the gemstone is loved for its vibrant ruby-like color.

    Shungite: From matte black to adamantine gunmetal, shungite lends an air of sophistication and mystery.

    Pink Sapphire: Known for their exquisite blushing pink color, pink sapphires are rare among sapphire gems.

    Purple Sapphire: Infused with velvety grape shades, this gem is a pleasing treat to the eyes.

    Spectrolite: Called as "Finish Stone of Light," this gem is known for its metallic rainbow luster.

    Tourmaline: Tourmaline offers one the widest range of vibrant, neon colors when compared to other gems.

    Turkizite: Only found in Central Turkey, Turkizite is extremely rare to find in retail settings.

    Vivianite: Traditionally considered a collector's gemstone, this beautiful stone is treasured for its stunning crystal structure and soothing properties.

    Blue Zircon: Available in a myriad of colors, blue zircon portrays the most exceptional blue hues.

    Umba River Zircon: Shinning in unique and exceptional reds, Umba River zircon is believed to be one of the oldest gems of all time.