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    The East epitomizes beautiful culture, and their symbols portray this as fabulous artwork. Experience the exquisite, colorful and lively countries of East with the outstanding Treasures from the Orient collection from Shop LC.

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    Every jewelry design conveys a special meaning. A Chinese banyan tree design represents long life and protection of one’s descendants within Chinese culture. The pieces also reflect the traditional architectural beauty of China. Featuring the Chinese character Shou prominently, it represents a long life to the bearer and is one of the four top Chinese charms of life. Featuring patterns inspired by ancient Chinese architecture and design, such patterns are considered a talismanic design thought to provoke blessings.

    The inspirations are endless, taking cues from the elaborate headgear used in the Beijing opera and capturing the essence of Chinese opera culture. And not to mention, Laughing Buddha is the trendsetter of our collection!

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