White Gemstone Jewelry Suits Any Look

    Why Do We Love White Jewelry?

    White gemstone jewelry enjoys a great following for its grace, style and flair. The best thing about these lovely gemstones is the fact that it instantly adds class and sophistication to any look. If you want to add a touch of elegance and charm, then there's no better choice than white jewelry. Not only does it match any outfit, but also adds just the right amount of sparkle.

    What are White Gemstones?

    White gemstones associate themselves with purity and flawless character. They symbolize kindness as well as true love. Perhaps this is the reason why in many cultures it's customary for brides to wear white. White also brings good fortune and is believed to provide protection. Shop LC offers a variety of popular white gemstones in different jewelry types such as glamorous drop earrings, trendy fashion jewelry pieces, simple tennis bracelets and more. Our selections include many favorites, both traditional and new:

    • White Diamond: White diamond enjoys great popularity, particularly in wedding and engagement jewelry. It symbolizes eternal and lasting love and is the most famous modern gemstone.
    • Australian White Opal: This milky opal is known for its pale white body tone. Though readily available, its snow-white hues are far from common.
    • Ethiopian Welo Opal: Its lively play-of-color against a pale white body color makes this gorgeous opal variety one of the most appealing and fascinating gemstones in the world.
    • Sri Lankan Rainbow Moonstone: The pale blue sheen and nearly transparent body are the most famous characteristics of this gorgeous gemstone. Treasured for generations, few gemstones match the romance and mystique of Sri Lankan rainbow moonstone.

    What Are The Best Colors to be Paired with White Jewelry?

    White is said to work best with black as the contrast is eye-catching and difficult to miss. However, white works well with all colors. It brings elegance and charm, and uplifts any complimentary color when worn together.

    There's a wide variety of white gemstone jewelry available at Shop LC. These amazing designs are affordable and always backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee.

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