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• This classic ring for men secures fascinating Canadian ammolite at centerstage. Design inspired from Art Deco era, the geometric shank is studded with sparkling zircons. The ring comes with superior finish and shine.
• Crafted in genuine sterling silver with platinum finish, the ring has sturdy construction and smooth under gallery. The broad shank stands for tough personality. The amazing ring is an ideal birthday or wedding gift for him.
• According to the ancient Chinese principle of Feng Shui, ammolite promotes the flow of “Qi” throughout the body. Some believe placing ammolite in home promotes a happy family and placing it in office promotes good business dealings.
• Iridescent ammolite gemstone is formed from the fossilized shell of prehistoric sea creatures called ammonites which compressed where they lay to rest between sediment on the sea floor.
• The gorgeous Canadian ammolite ring is your companion on every occasion. Let his style do the talking.

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Platinum Overlay
Product Weight (grams)
Gemstone Count
Total Stone Weight (Carat)
Gemstone 1
Canadian Ammolite Oval 8x6 mm Cabochon
Gemstone Count 1
Gemstone 2
Zircon Round 1.25 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 2
Gemstone Weight 2
Primary Stone
Canadian Ammolite
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