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The gorgeousness of this sparkling ring from J Francis Collection adds to your graceful appearance and irresistible charm. An ideal wedding ring, this spectacular piece of jewel can be paired with any formal or casual ensemble.
• PRODUCT DETAILS: Crafted in genuine 925 sterling silver, the ring is embellished with 3x2- 4x2mm baguette shaped SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA. Each gemstone is hand picked for best quality and maximum luster. The band style ring comes with excellent finish and shine.
• DESIGN DETAILS: The ring edges are defined with precise miller work. Gemstones are channel set for tidy look and refined appearance. J Francis is well known for its high-end inspired SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA jewelry collection. Each piece from the band radiates timeless beauty and exceptional charm. Finished under gallery makes the ring comfortable to wear. Band ring symbolizes eternal love and togetherness. These rings are exchanged by couples as a mark of commitment and loyalty.
• GEMSTONE INFORMATION: Zirconia is the best man made alternative for diamonds. With 8- 8.5 rank on the Mohs scale of hardness, the zirconia is perfect for daily wear. The gemstone has diamond like brilliance. To the naked untrained eye, a zirconia looks just like a diamond, but it is much more affordable.
• DISCLAIMER: Natural properties of mined gemstones offer a slight difference in color saturation, hue, and tone. Gemstone images may not always capture these slight differences.

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Product Weight (grams)
Gemstone Count
Total Stone Weight (Carat)
Gemstone 1
Swarovski Zirconia Baguette 4x2 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 1
Gemstone Weight 1
Gemstone 2
Swarovski Zirconia Baguette 3x2 mm Faceted
Gemstone Count 2
Gemstone Weight 2
Primary Stone
Swarovski Zirconia
Metal Purity
Metal Color
925 Sterling Silver
Total Weight (grams)