What is the meaning of the color pink?

    A delicate color, pink is a positive hue. Made from the combination of red and white, the deeper shades of pink receive their passionate energy from red while the lighter hues get their tranquility and positivity from white. The color is said to calm emotional energies. Associated with femininity, pink is a color that portrays nurturing, care and serenity. This beautiful color also symbolizes romance.

    What are the pink gemstones?

    Exuding splendid sparkle, pink gemstones embody mesmerizing and soothing hues that hypnotize with their romantic allure. Offering an endearing appeal, here are some the best-loved pink stones at Shop LC:

    Marropino Morganite: A member of the beryl family, the gem is popular for its subtle pink and eye-catching sparkle. Morganite offers a gentle selection for those needing just a touch of pink in their life.

    Kunzite: Exhibiting a lilac-pink hue, the gem is said to be an ‘evening stone’ that's best worn after sundown. Kunzite presents an exotic choice of color that mimics tropical flowers.

    Madagascar Pink Sapphire: A dazzling gemstone, this variety of sapphire offers a vibrant pink. The gem makes for enthralling jewelry that suits every social occasion. Immensely wearable, this September birthstone is perfect for daily wear jewelry.

    Rose De France Amethyst: A popular gem during the Victorian Era, Rose De France amethyst is known for its happy lavender pink. A member of the quartz family, the gem is the birthstone for February.

    When should I wear pink jewelry?

    Pink is a color that marks elegance. Pink stone jewelry can be worn for both casual and formal occasions, at any time of day. Whether you're stepping out for a cup of coffee, getting ready for lunch with a client or dressing up for a romantic date, the color adds softness to your appearance and elevates your femininity. This jewelry pairs with your favorite pristine whites, pastels, navy blues or classic neutrals. Pink gemstones always lend you a charming look for occasions like weddings or baby showers.

    Shop for your favorite shade of pink gemstone jewelry at Shop LC and collect some of these elegant beauties at our daily low cost!

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