Glorious Purple Jewelry Collection at Shop LC

    Why do we love purple jewelry?

    Everyone loves the purple color for its delicate nature. The rare occurrence of purple color in nature makes it one of the most desired gemstones for jewelry. These precious purple gems combine the stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, making it an excellent choice to light up your personality and style. Often associated with royalty, ambition, and power, purple hues represent extravagance and creativity.

    What are the purple gemstones?

    The only thing better than purple is purple! Being warm and cool at the same time, purple gemstones makes a rich and outstanding choice of stones for jewelry. Purple stones shine with a little more prominent red and make a fresh, yet the much more eye-catching selection of gemstones. Shop LC offers a variety of purple gems used in jewelry to complement your distinctive personality. Our beautiful assortment of purple gemstone captures favorites like:

    Tanzanite: Possessing a blue-violet color and termed as “gemstone of the 20th century,” this stone is known as the stone of transmutation.

    Purple Garnet: Owning the soft grape color with redder tones, this gem competes for the brilliant purple sparkles of amethyst.

    Lusaka Amethyst:Treasured for its well-concentrated purple and blue-violet hues with flickers of red and indigo, this gem is also a birthstone for those born in February.

    Burmese Purple Jade: Treasured by the Chinese, the most exquisite jade is available in an array of colors including purple.

    Madagascar Purple Sapphire: Treasured among gem collectors, this gemstone is a symbol of nobility.

    Colors to Pair with Purple Jewelry

    Being a color of harmony portraying a lovely chemistry of warm and cool hue, purple jewelry is ideal to match up with any primary and secondary colors on the color wheel. Be it yellow, red, neon, or brown, this hue is sure to impress with its presence.

    Explore and get your hands on the vivaciousness of purple as Shop LC's presents a collection of purple gemstone jewelry backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee.

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