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Est. Ret. Val:$149.99| Est. Savings:60%

Keep your home and office interiors free from harmful EMFs with this shungite cube. An ideal choice for home and office interiors. An ideal gift choice for birthday, anniversary or any special occasion.
• PRODUCT DETAILS: This cube shape shungite measures 40mm. It measures 1160.00 ctw
• DESIGN DETAILS: Polish cube, Easy to carry. Brilliantly designed in exact cube shape for maximum benefits. Cube shaped is a symbol of stability, permanence, & geometric permanence it looks the same from any perspective. Placing one in all 4 corners of the room can create a radius of protection.
• GEMSTONE DETAILS: Shungite is said to boost energy levels and relieve anxiety & stress. Meditating with shungite in each hand can be a very powerful healing experience. Shungite can be used to block or diminish EMFs. Wearing a shungite pendant over the heart chakra is the most effective as it is the most receptive chakra. The balancing is very powerful as emotions & thoughts causing pain will come up which leads us to examine them. Shungite neutralizes energy from a blocked or over-active chakra.
• DISCLAIMER: Natural properties of mined gemstones offer a slight difference in color saturation, hue, and tone. Gemstone images may not always capture these slight differences.