Cubic zirconia is a lab-created gemstone, made by heating up powdered zirconium and zirconium dioxide to create crystals. Because cubic zirconia is man-made, the stones are often eye-clean, showing no visible inclusions.

    Cubic zirconia jewelry makes the perfect alternative to diamond jewelry. Cubic zirconia and diamonds are similar in durability and are often indistinguishable from one another. Since cubic zirconia possesses such similar qualities to diamond, they make for a very affordable alternative.

    Why spend the extra money when you can get the same beautiful sparkle and elegant appeal from a CZ stone? Cubic zirconia is available in a classic colorless hue, as well as a spectrum of colors. These man-made stones can be set in a variety of metals including, silver, gold, and rose gold, making them extremely versatile in their appearance.

    Cubic zirconia rings are perfect for any occasion – dress up any outfit with a colored cubic zirconia ring or finally get the engagement ring you’ve always wanted without having to spend more than you can afford. Like diamonds, CZ engagement rings can be cut into a variety of shapes, including round, princess, cushion, and pear. Each cut enhances their brilliance and shimmer in unique ways, effortlessly simulating diamonds at an affordable price. If you’re looking for a travel-friendly engagement ring, cubic zirconia rings offer an inexpensive solution so your diamond ring can remain safely tucked-away at home.

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