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    Buy Diamond Necklaces Online

    A diamond necklace is always the perfect, classic accessory –– it goes with everything! Whether you're looking for a dainty, everyday necklace or a bold, extravagant diamond necklace, we have it all at Shop LC.

    When it comes to fine jewelry, there’s nothing quite like a diamond necklace. Choose from different chains made of metals like sterling silver, rose gold, stainless steel and white gold to accent the look of a diamond. Diamond necklaces are also available in a variety of colors, like pink, green or black.

    Black Diamond Necklace

    Searching for a diamond that takes a more daring approach? Try black and white diamonds paired together for a look that contrasts beautifully. Choose a setting or chain in white gold for a particularly stunning appearance.

    A classic display of black and white diamonds is the perfect fit for the woman who wants to say it all in the simplest way. You can dress black diamond necklaces up or dress them down; the possibilities are endless.

    Diamond Solitaire Necklace

    Diamond solitaire necklaces are a staple to anyone’s jewelry collection.

    Solitaire necklaces are apt for everyday style, whereas the ones with multiple stones are perfect for adding that extra sparkle to your ensemble.

    What is a Diamond?

    What makes diamonds so special? It's a combination of several factors; from their everlasting brilliance to their association with infinite love and beauty.

    Additionally, the fact that they are formed under crushing volcanic pressure and intense heat makes them one of nature's rarest and most precious creations.

    History of Diamonds

    Diamonds were associated with several interesting folklores. This valuable gemstone was considered invincible and was given to Greek soldiers during wars as a lucky charm.

    Ancient Romans were of the opinion that the tips on Cupid's arrows were encrusted with diamonds.

    In Judaism, a diamond was believed to have the ability to differentiate between the innocent and guilty.

    People belonging to the Middle Ages were convinced that this gem was a "miracle stone" that could heal almost any sickness.

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