diamond pendants


    Buy Diamond Pendants Online

    Wearing a pendant that is embellished with diamonds is just one of the many ways to exhibit your love for this scintillating jewel.

    Our collection has designs that range from subtle and sophisticated to elaborate and luxurious. Whether you are hoping to make a remarkable impression at a social event or wish to spice up your corporate look, our diamond pendant necklaces will most certainly be a great choice to add a bit of sparkle to your ensemble.

    Diamond Cross Pendant

    Discover the beauty of a diamond cross pendant, for every member of the family. Let a single, solitary diamond accent bring a hint of sparkle to the pendant—standing out against yellow gold. Allow a cross to illuminate her whole face, completely covered in diamonds set against equally brilliant white gold.

    Explore the sophistication of more intricate diamond cross pendant designs. Have faith in Shop LC to offer everything needed to string a necklace with a diamond cross pendant –– a beautiful symbol to sport every day.

    Men’s Diamond Pendants

    In men’s jewelry, it’s not gemstones that infuse more shades into diamond pendants; it’s the handsome, rugged tones of ion plated stainless steel or enamel in brown or black. Leave behind elaborate patterns for the sleek lines of men’s diamond pendants. Whether with one diamond or covered in an entire layer, discover just the right men’s diamond pendant at Shop LC. Express your faceted personality with one of our breathtaking diamond pendants, testaments to individuality rendered in a plethora of diamond-drenched styles.

    Real Diamond Pendant

    A real diamond pendant never goes out of style and is the ultimate accessory for a formal occasion and for that matter, any other special event. Diamond jewelry is versatile and makes a stunning addition to anyone’s jewelry collection.

    There’s always room for diamonds. Wearing a diamond pendant with a simple t-shirt for an elegant touch or with a dress or pantsuit for a sophisticated look. Choose from a variety of pendant shapes, such as a set of ring charms, stacked diamonds, crosses or a set of diamonds wrapped in rose or white gold. Sparkling diamonds will catch anyone’s eye and add a classic, stunning element to any outfit.

    Sterling silver and real diamond pendants are a perfect pair, but you can also choose from a variety of pieces set in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. Rose gold and yellow gold paired with diamonds can warm up your look.

    Whether it’s a gift or a splurge for yourself, a real diamond pendant serves as the perfect accessory for any outfit.

    What is a Diamond?

    Diamonds are a fashionable and timeless gift. Confidently worn today and treasured for years to come, diamonds shine with elegance and style.

    Diamonds ascend to the Earth’s surface in rare molten rock, or magma that originates at great depths. Carrying diamonds and other samples from Earth’s mantle, this magma rises and erupts in small but violent volcanoes. Just beneath such volcanoes is a carrot-shaped “pipe” filled with volcanic rock, mantle fragments, and some embedded diamonds.

    The search for diamonds has determined that most are derived from kimberlite pipes in the oldest, nuclear portions of the continents, where the basement rocks are older than 1.5 billion years.

    History of Diamonds

    The 1867 discovery of diamonds in the Cape Colony, South Africa, radically modified not only the world’s supply of diamonds but also the conception of them. As annual world diamond production increased more than tenfold in the following 10 years, a once extremely rare material became accessible to Western society with its growing wealth. Today South Africa maintains its position as a major diamond producer.

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