Peruse Classic & Trendy Solitaire Earrings at Shop LC

    Ear piercing is one of the oldest known ways of a body’s ornamental adornment. And Shop LC is here to help you dress like a diva every day with its wide assortment of solitaire earrings.

    What are solitaire earrings?

    These earrings are made up of a single diamond or colored gemstone usually set on a stud post. Set sophisticatedly in a frame of fiery gold, sterling silver, or durable stainless steel, solitaire earrings are a great treasure forever. From delicate tones to bold hues, you can find a perfect pair of designer solitaire earrings to complement your wardrobe!

    Types of Solitaire Earrings

    Solitaire basically refers to a single or solitary gemstone which can be set in different design styles. Some of the solitaire earrings styles are:

    Stud Solitaire – When speaking of stud solitaire earrings, diamond solitaires are the first that come to mind. Gemstone studs are gaining popularity for their colorful and dramatic appearance. Whether you are dressed for the office or a day out, a pair of diamond or colored gemstone solitaire studs are an excellent match with any outfit. Feel like stocking up your daily wear accessories? Get your hands on a silver stud earrings set and add a hint of colorful sparkle to your appearance every day.

    Drop SolitaireDrop earrings feature a short movement. Decorated with various sizes and shapes of gemstones the drop solitaire earrings add a feminine flair to your elegance.

    Dangle Solitaire - Dangle earrings hang down beneath the earlobe and move or sway back and forth easily. Adorned with elongated pears and ovals or showcasing elaborate designs, these dangle solitaire earrings capture attention everywhere you go.

    Drop and dangle earrings feature stylish clasps like lever-backs, latch backs and fish hooks. Each of our solitaire earring sets convey a distinctive flair that makes them stand out from the crowd. This style of jewelry is classic and is an ideal choice to pass on from generation to generation.

    Shop LC’s beautiful solitaire earrings from some noteworthy collections like Artisan Crafted, Bali Legacy Collection, KARIS collection and more include chic solitaire earrings with gorgeous gemstones including the whole color spectrum. Backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee you are sure to get the most for your money!

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