Alice has been designing amber jewelry pieces for over 20 plus years. When asked what is her favorite piece of jewelry she would like to share? Her response was: Amber "It is difficult for me to select just one! Each piece may repeat a design style however each piece is unique because there is no other amber like the one you have in your hand." While watching an artisan craft her jewelry piece she recalls how it stirs your senses of sight and smell. As the rough amber begins the process it is hard to believe what the final outcome will be.

The process of grinding the stone exposes your sense of smell to the fresh scent of pine. Alice is also inspired to create pieces other than jewelry. A dragonfly immortalized in amber soon becomes inspiration for a sculptured dragonfly with amber wings! Known as a "window to the past" she mimics nature’s amber by creating what has been captured within the amber to an amber sculpture.


Fun Facts

• Alice currently resides in Plano" Texas where she shares her trade with her daughter.
• Her design studio was founded in 1991
• She has achieved international well-known status for only the best quality Baltic amber jewelry designs.
• She is a member of IAA (International Amber Association)
• Blue amber exists and can be seen by exposing the amber to ultraviolet light