What is Cashmere Wool?

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere wool is a natural fiber obtained from cashmere and pashmina goats. This soft and lightweight variety of wool is extremely fine, delicate, and has a silky touch. Cashmere wool is globally renowned for its fine quality and warmth. Since it is very thin and delicate, cashmere wool is often blended with other fabrics to gain weight.

Where Does It Come From?

Cashmere wool Origin

It comes from a special breed of goats as cashmere and pashmina. The wool is generally shaved from the underside or the neck region of these goats. The cashmere and pashmina goats produce two types of hair— soft undercoat hair and rough outercoat hair. Cashmere wool is prepared from the soft undercoat hair. Cashmere goats are generally found in areas with extreme temperatures. A large population of these goats is found in China, Mongolia, and Iran.

How is Cashmere Wool Produced and Processed?

Cashmere Wool Produced and Processed

In the spring season, the goats naturally shed their hair. These hairs are collected for further process. Wool is collected by combing the coats of the goats or by shaving. The combing helps in yielding high quality and fine hair. The shorn cashmere wool is of low quality compared to combed ones as it is more prone to pilling. The coarse overcoat hairs are separated from the soft undercoat hair from the gathered wool. The soft cashmere wool is then assembled and dyed in the desired colors. This wool is further knit or woven into the fabric.

Unique Properties

You must be wondering what makes cashmere wool so special? Well, the natural fabric has some fantastic properties.

Ø It is warm. It has perfect insulation, which offers warmth but does not make you feel hot.

Ø Cashmere wool is exceptionally lightweight. Cashmere fibers do not exceed 19 microns.

Ø The durable fabric lasts for years if cared for properly.

Ø The durable fabric lasts for years if cared for properly.

How to Care?

The soft and delicate Cashmere wool requires special care. Here are a few tips:

Ø Wash the cashmere wool garment by hand or on a delicate cycle with cold water.

Ø Use gentle soap and or detergents designed particularly for cashmere items.

Ø Do not wring, as it can stretch or ruin the shape.

Ø Lay the garment flat to dry. Never hang as this will stretch the fibers.