Doublet and triplet gemstones are a type of assembled gemstone constructed from more than one material fused together in layers. This process is commonplace in the jewelry industry and allows for a wider variety and accessibility to gemstones.

Typically this technology is used to strengthen fragile gem materials so they can be enjoyed in a jewelry setting that experiences more active wear. But it can also be used to provide an affordable substitute for expensive natural gems. Doublet and Triplet Gemstones

In a doublet a slice of natural gemstone like opal is affixed to a stronger base material like black onyx. The black onyx adds thickness and structural strength to the opal and the dark background can enrich the fiery display of the gemstone by providing a higher color contrast between the layers.

In a triplet an assembled gemstone also receives a clear protective cap usually constructed from quartz. This clear top layer protects the base from scratches and fading.

Some triplets are manufactured to be an inexpensive alternative to rare gems that carry a hefty price tag. For example a three-carat natural padparadscha sapphire can cost nearly $20 0 but Shop LC shoppers can own a three-carat papaya quartz ring for less than $20. Shop LC's exclusive papaya quartz displays a similar salmon-colored radiance as the padparadscha sapphire but this assembled gemstone lets gemstone lovers bring home this prized pink-orange color without breaking the bank.