Designs by Prachi

Shop LC presents the stylish and elegant jewelry designs from Prachi Bhise. When you look at a Design by Prachi you see the details of elegance. Inspirations from everyday life of Prachi include bright and brilliant gems Designs by Prachicool silver settings and touches of gold flourish.

Prachi initial focus was on fashion design. Working in fashion design provided visibility to accessorizing. Her first glance at a small selection of accessory jewelry sparked a love for things that sparkled and shined. She quickly redirected her career path to learn more about gemstones.

GJEPC (Gems and Jewelry Export Promotion Council) Designs by Prachi offered a certification program which Prachi applied herself to in 1998. As with any certification Prachi was required to continue her education yearly. In addition she learned the skill of grading diamonds from IGI (International Gemological Institute).

In the past 14 years designing diamond pieces were her focus. In the last two years she expanded to include the beauty of colored gems. Her certification and passion for designing jewelry pieces are based on everyday items of inspiration.


Fun Facts

Designs by Prachi

• When asked who is her favorite jewelry designer? Her response is Kimberly McDonald.Prachi shares her passion to design with rough geodes.
• Her design style is elegant and regal

"Find your inspiration from everyday life."
~ Prachi

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