Giuseppe Perez

Giuseppe Perez is a prestigious jewelry designer known for his unique and stunning craftsmanship. Perez comes from a long line of jewelry makers; his family has been in the jewelry industry for many generations. It's the quality and beauty of this jewelry collection that makes each piece incredibly special and one-of-a-kind.Giuseppe Perez

Giuseppe Perez was born in Italy, and since he was a child, he has breathed the air of jewelry. With roots in the goldsmith trade, tracing back to the 15th century, Giuseppe Perez continues his family's legacy with elegant and unique collections. For generations, his family has designed jewelry for celebrities and royalty alike. Thanks to his father's tutelage, he stood out among his peers for his experience and unique creations, presenting in the most important fairs.

Giuseppe PerezGiuseppe PerezGiuseppe's jewelry embodies an eclecticism and passion for everything beautiful, laced with a dash of whimsy. He brings grace and elegance to every jewelry piece. His goal is to make anyone wearing his jewelry feel special; but also, to design playful jewelry that can be worn every day and be a companion for life and travel. It’s with this focus that Giuseppe sought a relationship with a supplier who can partner in executing this vision of fun and freedom.

Shop LC is very excited to bring GP's collection to our customers. Giuseppe and his family have designed jewelry for monarchs and celebrities, and Shop LC can make this exceptional, aspirational collection available to customers at an affordable price. With our unique supply chain relationships, the eclectic whimsy of the exclusive Giuseppe Perez Collection is available at an everyday low cost.