ID Bracelet

For hundreds of years, men and women have worn bracelets as a symbol of fashion and faith. Still, none has such a fascinating history as that of the identification (ID) bracelet.

What is an ID Bracelet?

ID bracelet refers to the bracelet made of metal links, with an identification mark or name of the wearer.

History of ID Bracelets

During World War II, ID bracelets were part of the American servicemen’s uniform. The bracelets were used to identify the soldiers if they were killed or severely wounded in action and unable to speak. Soldiers used to wear these bracelets with their names, ranks, and serial numbers written on the bent metal bands or heavy chains with a metal plate. After the war, some men continued wearing the bracelets when they returned home as a show of respect for their service. Identification bracelets or ID bracelets rose to popularity as jewelry throughout the ‘40s.

ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets in 20th Century

These bracelets rose to popularity in the 1970s as young Americans started wearing them to show respect for fallen or missing soldiers. The bracelets became a symbol of trust, commitment, and bravery. Men often gave these bracelets to the women they love, much like giving a class ring to their girlfriends. It was a mark of love and a display that showed the couple was in a committed relationship.

ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets in 21st Century

While old traditions are no longer in practice, the identification (ID) bracelets have gained popularity as a personalized jewelry piece. ID bracelets look just like a Rolex - a brilliantly made piece that appears stylish on both men and women. The strong & classic look of the ID bracelet has undergone several lasting innovations in the past decade. While the latest styles feature gemstone accents and creative designs, the metal preference of stainless steel is changed into silver, tungsten, titanium and even leather. Besides, ID bracelets have also transformed into a life-saving device used to display medical information concerning the wearer's life-threatening conditions.

ID Bracelets

Earlier ID bracelets were wrapped with stories of wars and today they serve as a perfect piece of jewelry to complement the looks. Therefore, no matter why or how you wear an ID bracelet, they are designed to create memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.