Gemologist analyzing gemstonesInternational Gemological Institute (IGI) provides you with 40+ years of gemstone grading experience. The current staff is comprised of over 600+ gemologist appraisers and professionals support staff. Purchasing an IGI certified gemstone provides a level of confidence to both the seller and buyer.

Glossary of Summation Terms

Date: The IGI summation completion date.
Identification: The gemstone family or species.
Shape/Cutting Style: Describes the visual shape the gemstone produced after cutting.
Carat Weight: The actual weight of the gemstone.
Measurements: Length X Width X Depth for round stones Diameter X Depth. All measurements are in millimeters
Color: As close to capturing the color range of the stone.
Clarity: A grading for internal characteristics and blemishes.
Cut Quality: Takes into account the symmetry of the cut and smooth surfaces of the facets.
Origin: This is the gemstone source location.
Laser Scribed: The summation number will be lasered into your gemstone. However you will need a magnifying glass to see the summation number.
• I.G.I. stands for International Gemological Institute. The IGI has been in the business of certifying gemstones since 1975.