Ion Plating

Ion plating is an exciting process that has been gaining significant popularity for reasons.Ion Plated Ring Primarily used for completing accessories made from stainless steel, it is the process of enhancing the hardness and thus durability of your jewels.

What is Ion Plating?

Ion plating is essentially the process of bombarding the target surface by atomic-sized energetic particles. The steps involved require vaporizing the coating and bonding agent with the use of the opposite electrical charge to create a long-lasting and smooth bond. It is the process of adding a titanium nitride layer on your jewelry. It not only increases the durability of your jewels but also gives them an everlasting shine.

With a variety of colors like black, rose gold, and yellow gold, it already piques the interest of jewelry connoisseurs. And just when you think it could not surprise you more, it delights with the finished offering of the glossy polish and matte finish. You can choose either of the two.

What are the Benefits of the Ion Plating?

Ion Plated Chain

  • The idea behind ion plating is to make sure the jewelry you buy can stand the test of time while it aids your elegance. Ion plating can enhance the look of all your jewelry items by protecting and augmenting their shine.
  • One of the most important benefits of using this method is that it provides almost eight times the durability of other ways. Along with this, the cost of ion plating is lower compared to other methods because it requires fewer materials for the coating process. It means by opting for ion plating, getting a high-quality item that lasts longer is cost-effective, weighs less, and of course, and adds to your style and elegance.
  • Another advantage of going for this method is that it requires very little maintenance. Regular soap and water are enough to restore the original look of the jewelry, and one need not worry about water damaging your jewelry.
  • Ion plating is also a great choice because it is hypoallergenic, a big plus for anyone who has sensitive skin.

Ion Plated Ring

Caring for Ion Plating

Caring for ion plated jewelry is very easy, owing to the robust nature of the said process—the most standard and basic routines that you already follow work fine.

Ciping your jewels with a soft, dry cloth after wear or cleaning with a mild solution of dish-washing soap and lukewarm water can do the trick.

CFor storing, it is advisable to keep the jewelry in a closed container after wear, boxes lined with a soft cloth or padded interior are preferred. Also, a dry place where humidity can be avoided is advisable.