Shop LC presents the stylish and contemporary jewelry designs from the British designer Lucy Quartermaine. Her inspirational designs stem from everyday life with a twist of fashionable flare. Jewelry designs such as molten sterling silver drips sway from earlobes as quirky clouds surround your wrist. Sterling silver is her chose of medium as she brings her designs to life.

Lucy began her business in 2004. Since then she has had numerous acclamations: named "Trendsetter" in a 2013 UK professional jeweler's magazine a finalist nomination from a prestigious UK jewelry association. She is an acclaimed designer and business woman through her innovative contemporary and stylish jewelry.

Fun Facts

• Water is her main inspiration for designs
• LucyQ HQ is based in Chester where she has lived most of her life.
• Lucy is an award-winning jewelry designer and silversmith
• Numerous A-listed British and American celebrities have been seen wearing her stylish pieces