Jewelery metal: Platinum

jewelry platinum

We all emphasize the gemstones. We try to collect as much information as we can about them before buying anything. But not many of us give jewelry metals the importance that we should. Jewelry metals also matter a lot and add significant value to the jewelry. Platinum is one such metal and one of the most precious ones. Platinum is a highly rare and revered metal and is known as the vanilla of the metal world.

Digging into the metal

Platinum is a malleable, ductile, highly precious metal. With only five parts per billion by weight in the earth’s crust, platinum is a scarce metal. This silver-white metal is highly resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Being soft and comfortable to shape, this is a popular choice for jewelry. Platinum is one of the transition metals and, thus, bonds readily with other elements. It is also one of the densest.

A historic detour

The first-ever record of platinum was back in 1557 when an Italian physician called it the “Platina,” which meant little silver. Since ancient times platinum has been used for jewelry by Americans and Egyptians mixed with gold. Earlier platinum was known as “white gold.”

jewelry platinum

Platinum’s popularity

Platinum is solid metal and thus ensures enhanced durability of your jewels. The main reason for jewelry designers choosing platinum over white gold is its durability. Platinum will take a lot of wear and tear before it shows any scratches. If you think of buying a piece of jewelry that you wish to cherish for a long, long time or an article that you want to pass down to the next generation platinum is the way to go. Platinum bands for engagement or wedding rings are a popular choice because platinum is a symbol of forever.