Polki Diamonds

Polki diamonds are famous for displaying a fascinating rhythm of asymmetry and beautiful imperfections. A symbol of regal brilliance, culture, and an elite appeal, jewelry encrusted with Polki diamonds finds its roots in India during the Mughal era. Polki diamond jewelry art requires a great amount of skill and dedication, and each piece of jewelry takes days to be completed.

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According to the book Traditional Jewelry of India by Oppi Untracht, Polki is referred to as an uncut diamond with a flat surface on one side and taper cut on the other side. It can set on either side, but usually with the tapered side up.

Sometimes referred to as uncut diamonds, Polki diamonds are not conventionally shaped into round or oval cuts and do not possess finely cut facets. The rough texture of the gem determines the shaping of Polki diamonds. Stone may be polished or lightly faceted by a machine. This means each Polki diamond is unique. Due to the shaping procedure, the sparkle of Polki diamond feels lighter than traditionally faceted diamonds.

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Color plays a significant role when selecting Polki diamonds. Most diamonds display a yellow or brownish tone. Artisans favor diamonds with the least visible color, but these stones also cost more. Colorless diamonds are rare and therefore command a high price. These uncut diamonds undergo no additional treatment.

Clarity also plays an important role when determining the value of Polki diamond. As these jewels do not undergo faceting, inclusions are often present. Therefore, the designer usually opts for material with smaller amounts. Clarity tends to win over carat weight when it comes to value. An uncut Polki diamond with lower carat weight but better clarity fetches better value than a stone with more carat weight & higher inclusions.

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Traditional Polki jewelry is an important part of wedding dress for most Indian brides. On their special day, the bride ornaments her appearance with Polki diamond jewelry and transforms into a queen. This uncut diamond style adds a royal impression and uniqueness to every look. Polki diamond jewelry has returned to fashion and interest among women who wish to make a style statement at weddings or other festive occasions.

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