Sanjay Soma was born in the southern city of Karur India near the location where sunstone is mined. Since first seeing sunstone as a child Sanjay felt a need to share this beautiful gem with others. After completing his education Sanjay ventured into marketing gemstones within the feldspar family in the city of Jaipur known as the gem hub of India. Sanjay Soma His passion for sunstone continued on until Sanjay was able to bring his findings to the global market in 1990.

Guest Host Sanjay shares with Shop LC Family his passion for the feldspar family of gemstones. He brings to the table his 30 years of experience sourcing gemstones.

Interesting facts about Sanjay

Every five years Sanjay ventures back to the Karur mine. During his last visit to the mine the pit had grown to 7200 feet in diameter and still continues to produce rough gemstones from the feldspar family. Jaipur

Sanjay has a knack for finding the best quality stones selecting the perfect cut and marketing those stone at an international level. Sanjay’s favorite gemstones are from the feldspar family:

• Moonstone
• Sunstone
Moonstone Rough • Black star diopside.

The selection of Madras sunstone is very different from those sourced in Tanzania and Sri Lankan. Madras sunstone is different in the way they exceptional shine.

Feldspar Family

Sunstone: Sunstone captivates attention with its distinctive shimmer. Delicate glittering crystals pepper the body of this gem producing a sparkle resembling brilliant confetti. Sunstone's unique look is attributed to a phenomenon called schiller. A golden-bronze iridescent luster is created by microscopic copper platelets that are naturally infused in the stone. This phenomenon makes the stone appear to glow as if it had its own internal light source.

Black Star Diopside: The Indian black star diopside is a cabochon cut gemstone featuring a blazing white four-pointed star radiating against an inky black sky. This rare beauty is frequently called the "Black Star of India." The black star diopside gemstone is formed from calcium magnesium silicate with needle-like inclusions that create the star-like effect. Indian Black Star Diopside Indian black star diopside is unique in that its star is a four-pointed cross. This gem is occasionally mistaken for black star sapphires which exhibit a six- or twelve-pointed star.

Moonstone: Treasured for centuries few gemstones match the romance and mystique of moonstone. Moonstone is typically colorless with a white to blue-white sheen but it can also occur in varieties of gray tan yellow orange green pink or blue. Sri Lankan rainbow moonstone with its pale blue sheen and near-transparent body is considered most valuable. It features a rainbow-like iridescence and can be cut into a faceted gemstone as well as in cabochon. Its quality appearance and versatility make this a highly collectible exotic gemstone.