"I wake up most mornings knowing what I am going to create having seen them in my dreams. Sleep is good to me."
– Sugar Gay Isber

Bringing an eclectic and vibrant vision to her work Sugar Gay Isber Sugar Gay Isber strives to create jewelry that will create a conversation. It's important to her that you love the jewelry piece each and every time you wear it.

Sugar Gay Isber JewlerySugar is a seventh-generation Texan from Austin Texas. She has been creating unique and fun jewelry for over 14 years having applied skills developed from a variety of trades to do so including painting ceramics sculpture and embroidery. This creative genius has designed jewelry for people from all walks of life from divas to rock stars to royalty!

Specializing in fossils minerals and gems Sugar enjoys creating unique wearable works of art. She draws inspiration from herSugar Gay Isber Jewelry dreams where she visualizes the finished piece before waking and creating. Not one to rest on her laurels Sugar believes in always striving to improve herself and advancing her skills. In her words she's "only as good as her last piece of art or jewelry." For this reason she visits the studio daily to produce new and exciting designs.

Considered a guru of the Texas jewelry scene Sugar received the Jewelry Designer of the Year 2016 award from Houston Fashion Week. Gay has been featured in both national and international media showcasing her fabulous one-of-a-kind designs. She has also created a line of jewelry for a majorSugar Gay Isber Jewelry domestic retailer. In addition to her prolific design record Sugar Gay also teaches jewelry design classes at a local college.

It's best to sum up Sugar Gay Isber's outlook on life and design with the following words "Be generous of the heart. Give without thinking. Give until it hurts. Give because it's the right thing to do. Give without expectation."