Jewelery metal: Titanium

jewelry Titanium

Named after one Greek deity, titanium is one of the most popular picks in the jewelry industry. Marking a check against everything one seeks in a premium metal right from lustrous to low weight, from firm to durable, titanium is all sorts of perfect!

Let's Dig in the Historical past of the Metal

Titanium was found in 1791 by William Gregor in Cornwall. Martin Heinrich Klaproth named this brilliant discovery after Titans, also known as the elder Gods in Greek Mythology. Even after being discovered so early, it wasn't until 1910 that the metal makes its advent in the jewelry market.

Titanium v/s Other Jewelry Metals

What makes titanium a popular pick? What makes it a standout in the jewelry industry? Get all the answers as we dig in by comparing titanium with other metal on these vital grounds.

jewelry Titanium

1. Affordability:

Titanium, in comparison with several other jewelry metals, is affordable. For instance, carats attribute to the value of gold. That does include the cost of alloy preparation before transforming into a right jewelry product. Titanium, on the other hand, is bereft of any additives. The metal needs elementary molding and processing for transformation in a jewelry adornment.

2. Durability:

Titanium is metal-ceramic and hence possesses both hardness as well as brittleness. It indeed is scratch resistant, but hard shocks or hits eventually lead to its breakage instead of flexing.

3. Setting Security:

Titanium's excellent strength also assures setting security. The stone setting resists loosening in titanium. Also, the metal is ideal for fancier gemstone settings when compared to other traditional metals.

4. Color:

Though the metal is naturally grey-silver, it can be anodized in several different colors. Offering a spectacular palette of colors that include shades like yellow, pink, purple, and even black, it indeed is an excellent accompaniment to many coveted gems.

5. Weight:

One of the most vital characteristics of the metal is it is very lightweight. No wonder the metal is often described as "so lightweight that you won't even feel as if it's there."

6. Biocompatibility:

Titanium's most significant flex is it is biocompatible, virtually with different types of skin. It's pretty imperative now that anyone can wear titanium without fussing over the fear of allergies. That's a win-win for people allergic to metals like gold or silver.

jewelry Titanium

Titanium Jewelry Care

jewelry Titanium

The titanium is a natural element and hence is more prone to harmful effects by harsh chemicals. Avoid the exposure of your titanium jewels to these chemicals for reduced abrasion and long finish. You can rely on the solution of warm water and mild detergent. Clean using a brush with soft bristles and then rinse with clean water. When you're wearing it, store the same in a soft cloth or jewelry box with fabric lining.


When mentioning the reason for the increasing popularity of titanium, the list is pretty extensive. It's comfort, durability, and affordability are few. In a nutshell, Titanium is an excellent pick and undoubtedly should be the next grand addition to your jewelry collection.