Anatomy Of Watch


What is Bezel?

The bezel is around the crystal of a watch. It is usually made of metal or ceramic.

What is Bracelet or Strap?

It is the band that secures a watch over a wrist. Ife made of metal, it is considered as a bracelet.

What is Case?

The part of the watch, which contains the movement and dial is known as the case. It protects the internal parts from any external wear and tear.

What is Crown?

Crown is a knob on the outside of a watch case. It sets the calendar and time for the watch. It also winds the watch.

What is Crystal?

It is the cover on the top of the dial or face. The transparent crystal protects the watch from dirt and water. Most Swiss watches have a sapphire crystal.

What is Dial?

Dial is said to be the face of the watch. It displays the time. 

What is Hand?

The hands are the markers on the dial that indicate time. Most watches have at least three hands to show hours, minutes, and seconds.

What is Hour Marker?

These are the indicators on the dial of a watch that mark the hours.

What is Lug?

These are projections on the case which attach and secure the strap or watch bracelet to the case.

What is Signature?

It is the manufacturer’s information. 

What is Chronograph?

A chronograph is stop-watch. The pushers on the side indicates if a watch is a chronograph watch.

What is Helium Release Valve?

This valve is for proficient divers and helps discharge the trapped gas that builds up in a watch during extended dives of 250ft or more, specifically saturation diving.

What is Luminosity?

Many watches have hour markers and hands that glow-in-the-dark. The makers use a specific material to create this luminous effect. It allows the wearer to see the time or watch in dark spaces. 

What is Pusher?

This attachment to the case controls the watch functions, such as a date adjustment or chronograph.

What is Subdial?

Many watches have a smaller dial is inside the main dial, which is called a subdial. It gives the information like dates or seconds.

What is Sweeping Seconds Hand?

A sweeping seconds hand moves smoothly across the dial or subdial. Most mechanical watches have this feature.

What is Tachymetre?

This allows the user to measure speed and distance.

What is Unidirectional Rotating Bezel?

It is the functional part of a dive watch which helps track air supply. It moves only in a counter-clockwise direction and as a result, helps a diver time how much air they have left in their tank.


Size Chart for Watch

Size Chart for Watch