Mint Green Fluorite Gemstone

Mint green fluorite is a healing gemstone available in a soothing light green. This fresh feeling gem is colored by chromium deposits in the stone.

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Formerly called fluorspar by early miners the modern name fluorite comes from the Latin "fluo " meaning to flow. Fluorite is available in various hues and its color range is affected by impurities in the stone and exposure to radiation.

Fluorite glows when heated or under ultraviolet light. The phenomenon of fluorescence was named after fluorite in 1852 because of this gemstone's ability to fluoresce. The element fluorine is also named for fluorite a major source for the element.

Fluorite is a mineral with a veritable bouquet of brilliant colors that include purple blue green yellow colorless brown pink and black to reddish orange earning it the title "most colorful mineral in the world."



• The Ancient Romans believed fluorite had potent powers against alcohol and carved drinking mugs from the stone.

• Fluorite is thought to attract and defuse negative vibes. Known as the "Genius Stone" and "the Stone of Discernment " it is sensitive and responsive to the vibrations of other gemstones and can boost intuition.

• Certain cultures also believe that Fluorite tempers too much energy and can be used as a meditation stone in revitalizing the body and increasing focus.

• Green fluorite specifically is associated with springtime and renewal. It has been used to identify issues of the heart so that your spirit can begin to mend.

• Fluorite is a valuable source of natural fluoride and in the 18th century it was taken as a medicine crushed into a powder and mixed with water to relieve the symptoms of kidney disease.



Location: Canada

Many countries are rich in fluorite including Argentina Austria Canada China England France Germany Mexico Morocco Myanmar Namibia Russia Spain Switzerland and the United States. However Shop LC buys its mint green fluorites from Quebec Canada which produces some of the best quality mint green fluorite in the world.



  • Ranks 4 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • A single crystal of fluorite can possibly own four or five color groups which produces a color-change effect. Mint green fluorite should be a bottle green color.
  • Sourced from Canada.
  • Member of the halide family.
  • Also known as fluorspar.
  • Birthstone for February.
  • Official gemstone of Illinois.