Purple Fluorite

Exuding rich wine hues, purple fluorite finds a unique niche among purple gemstones.

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Fluorite is a fascinating gem that seems to be discovered in a never-ending variety of dynamic colors. Purple fluorite is one such variation and easily finds its home within the pantheon of purple gemstones.

Identifying Purple Fluorite

Like all members of the fluorite family, certain qualities are universal to this stone. Ranking four on the Mohs scale, fluorite is also the defining mineral for this level. It's a softer material. Despite this, many fine specimens exist and are found across a wide range of fluorite jewelry. As with any gem, this jewel should be handled carefully to prevent scratching, abrasion or chipping.

Purple fluorite is also subject to color zoning, making the process of sorting and matching labor intensive. The results are worthwhile, however, as the vibrancy of the gems hue is not often seen in purple jewels, who often display a more subdued blend of color.

Like other fluorites, purple fluorite may be exposed to radiation to induce color or improve existing color.

Purple Fluorite Compared to other Purple Gems

Lovers of royal purple hues are truly some of the luckiest collectors around! There are a great variety of purple gemstones from which to choose, which can make the task of choosing a favorite daunting.

Purple fluorite is often compared to amethyst in color, and at first glance, it is easy to see why. Both tend towards that balance of color that makes a typical purple. Side-by-side, however, subtle variations and differences can be spotted. Most amethyst favors blue tinges in their purple coloration, making the gems appear serene and regal. The majority of purple fluorite favors subtle splashes of red, making the gem appear a bit more lively and energetic.

In general, purple fluorite can be seen as bridging the gap between amethyst and purple garnet. It occupies the middle ground between the two popular gems, providing a wonderful balance of cool and warm color.

Anyone who loves amethyst, purple sapphire, purple garnet or other purple gems will appreciate the captivating glow of purple fluorite.



Go with the Fluorite

• When first discovered, fluorite was commonly known as fluorspar. The mineral was commonly used as a flux in the smelting of metals. Fluorspar sees continued used as a term for the mineral in industrial sectors. The Latin roots of fluorite's name mean 'to flow,' in reference to this early use in metallurgy.



Location: Hunan Province of China

The mineral version of fluorite exists all over the world. Fluorite gem deposits are located in many of these localities, available in an exciting rainbow of color. Purple fluorite is sourced by Shop LC from the Hunan Province of China.


Mining in Hunan Province

Mining in Hunan is a seasonal endeavor. Frigid conditions and the heavy snows of winter limit mining of this gem to the warmer months of spring and summer.

In addition, fluorite is a delicate gemstone. For this reason, specialized machinery and techniques are required for extraction. Care must be used when it is dug up from the Earth to prevent damage to the rough.



  • Ranks four on the Mohs scale.
  • Color presents as purple, with subtle hints of red.
  • Sourced from Hunan Province, China.
  • May be irradiated to improve or create color.